BOTA Decisions


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BOTA ruling that county counselor is not the “county appraiser or county appraiser’s designee” when asking for information prohibited in 79-1412a (7/17)

Chautauqua county case ‘waste’ classification of rangeland

Dodge City Coop Docket # 2013-2335EQ & 2014-2560EQ (7/15)

Conestoga Docket # 2009-3143EQ & 2010-3925EQ (7/15)

Sumner County Ks Star Casino Docket # 2013-2795EQ & 2013-2796EQ (7/15)

Wabaunsee County (states the rolls of all parties involved
including the appraiser, the commissioners and PVD) (6/15)

Petty Decision, Cowley County  (11/14)

Coffeyville Resources Appeal 8/9/13 (9/13)

2012-3110-PR Lyerla, Kathy L. Liv. Trust

Lyerla Amended Petition for Reconsideration (11/12)   Lyerla Attachment to Petition 


Court of Appeals Corrected Opinion (2/15)

Corrected Opinion dated 10/28/14 in the matter of Lyerla Trust (2/15)

Office of the Disciplinarian statement declaring no ethical violations re: Lyerla case (2/15)


Coffeyville Resources Brief 11/26/12 (12/12)

2006C-254 Colfax, NE Schuyler Apartment Decision

2006C-265 Buffalo, NE Kearney Plaza Decision

2006-9078-PR Wyandotte Building Decision

2007-CCV-249 Miami Sundance Apartments Decision

27-CV-06-04210 Eden Prairie, MN  Eden Prairie Mall Decision

Recent Butler County Decisions

“Other” Classification COTA Order (3/12)

“Other” Classification COTA Order (3/12)

“Other” Classification COTA Order (3/12)


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